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I most humbly and respectfully approach your honour with a request that I had admitted in MGM Medical Centre & Research Institute, Aurangabad, under the treatment of Dr. TUSHAR B. IDHATE in emergency B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Blood Cancer) and in need of Chemotherapy, Blood and Blood Products, Investigations, Supportive Drugs, Antibiotics etc. with related disease and with expenses of (Six Lakhs Fifty Thousand Rupees) Rs. 6,50,000/-

Patient Miss. SHIVANYA ASHOK PANCHAL is a 3 Years old, Female who came to MGM Centre & Research Institute, Aurangabad, he is in need of Chemotherapy and Doctors have prescribed treatment of required supportive care, blood & blood products etc

He was urgently admitted to MGM Centre & Research Institute, Aurangabad and has been treated and stabilized for same The Approximate cost of treatment would be Approx. INR 6,50,000/- I am expecting your kind help and oblige. I am expecting your kind help and oblige. Thanking you

How Can You Help? -You can Donate to the Fundraiser -You can share B/O Miss. SHIVANYA ASHOK PANCHAL story on Facebook and WhatsApp so that his story reaches to more people like you who will impact her life-You can Volunteer to Raise Funds and save B/O Miss. SHIVANYA ASHOK PANCHAL.Kindly also share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help them to reach the goal. We will be grateful for your help!

Goal: 6,50,000/-