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There’s a child, born to parents who have been poor for generations, not allowed to educate themselves or their children, ostracised from main society for centuries. There’s another child, born to some parents, but left with none, thrown in a dumpster, or left in a park, to die or to survive on its own, no idea where to get food from, or even how to get food, nowhere to go, and no one to love him/her. It would be natural to think that both these children deserve sympathy and affirmative action in some form, if only from the voice of conscience that resides deep within us.


Hence, they get lost in the push and pull over competing demands. They do not influence votes, having no parents who are voters. Orphans are not even a prominent social nuisance group. In a democracy, one of the fallouts of majority representation is that policies and funds are often around cornered by those who provide the maximum number of votes, a term we can call the votable bias. It is because of this votable bias, that there are schemes such as mid-day meal, Anganwadi, Ujjwala – schemes that would be of importance to mother’s for the children- because mothers form a large vote bank.

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